Spice 101

Welcome to Spice 101!  Currently in the Madison, WI area we will be teaching a simple introductory course on how to properly use spices, and give you an overview of different flavors and health benefits!  Everyone loves well seasoned and flavorful food, but using the right ingredients at the right time can be tricky.  Even those with a great palate can benefit from learning simple techniques that enhance your cooking experience.

This $25/person course is about 90 minutes in length and any food prepared will be offered as samples!  

Huma Siddiqui will personally teach every class that we hold, her profound experience with spices comes from her life of living on four continents and always finding a way to utilize her passion for cooking.  This hands-on experience will allow you to journey through her life and experiences and find out the true ways to incorporate spices, seasonings and bountiful flavor into all of your dishes!

Dates, menu and locations of these classes will be posted throughout the year.