Classes Around Town

White Jasmine Cooking classes are offered in several different styles, Steeped in Flavor and The Spice Box

Steeped in Flavor: Checkout our upcoming classes in Madison and surrounding areas: 

   Bekah Kates - Vegetarian Delights - Jan 17th

   Cross Plains Public Library - Samosas - Jan 26th

   Orange Tree Imports - Taste of Pakistan - Feb 6th

   Verona Public Library - Pakistani Tea Time - Feb 11th

   Mount Horeb Public Library - Tacos with Flair - Feb 23rd

   Middleton Public Library - Pakistani Seafood - March 6th

   Olbrich Gardens - Fish Stew and Cilantro Rice - March 7th

   Middleton Public Library - More Pakistani Seafood - April 3rd

   Olbrich Gardens - Paratha and Chicken Curry - April 11th

   Olbrich Gardens - Pakistani Teatime - Samosas & More - April 18th

   Orange Tree Imports - Harissa and More - May 1st

   Sequoya Public Library - Spice Box - May 9th

   Sun Prairie Library - Traditional Pakistani Dinner - May 14th

   Olbrich Gardens - Tacos with a Flair - Aug 29th

   Bekah Kates - Pakistani Tea Time - Sept 19th

   Olbrich Gardens - Sajji Shrimp - Sept 26th

   Bekah Kates - Vegetarian Delight - Oct 17th

   Olbrich Gardens - Perfectly Vegetarian - Nov 21st

   Bekah Kates - Fish Tacos - Jan 16th


The Spice Box, voted best of 2013, is primarily used for private groups.  Custom menus range from $45-65 per person and we've done everything from birthday parties, bachelorette parties, team building exercises and have the ability to host your group at our show kitchen, at a sponsor kitchen all over Madison or we can also bring our talent to your workplace!  Please contact us directly to get your event coordinated.