Founders and Family

White Jasmine LLC is owned by a mother-son team, Huma Siddiqui and Samir Karimi.  Huma was the original founder in 2003 and uses her culinary knowledge from her journey through four continents to bring a fusion style of flavors from her home land in Pakistan.

"Food is a unique bridge between cultures and tend to carry the traditions through generations.  The power of food and culture is the common thread in every part of the world.  When recipes are handed down from one generation to another, it is critical to recognize the subtle elements of this process.  There is much more to it than a few traditional recipes - memories are shared over the dinner table more often than just food" - Huma Siddiqui.

Based in Madison, WI known for it's dairy and attention to locally sourced conscientious foods White Jasmine also has a local television show White Jasmine Everyday Cooking which further illustrates the relationship between food and culture.