Matar Pulao - Basmati Rice with Peas

02 April 2020
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Matar Pulao - Basmati Rice with Peas

This is a traditional recipe used in almost every household in Pakistan/India often. What I remember growing up is that it was considered rude to offer plain white boiled rice when we had guests around the dining table. The underlying rule was that something must be added to the rice to demonstrate hospitality. Perhaps add green peas or at the very least some whole spices e.g. cinnamon, whole cumin, green cardamoms, whole cloves or black cardamoms. Once something is added to the rice then it is called 'Pulao' and no longer just rice :) Also, matar means green peas!

Matar Pulao - Basmati Rice with Green Peas

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 teaspoon whole cumin
1 cinnamon stick - 2 inches
1 cup frozen peas
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
2 cups of basmati rice, gently rinsed
3 cups of warm water

Heat the oil in a pan on medium heat. Add whole spices and let everything sizzle for a couple of minutes. Add the frozen peas. Add salt. Gently stir everything together. Let the mixture come to a boil and then cover the pan and lower the heat. Rice should be ready in 12-14 minutes. Serve warm with a curry. 

Note: there are several ways to make this rice; can use shallots in addition to the whole spices or use a different combination of whole spices instead of cumin and cinnamon. 

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