White Jasmine Everyday Cooking

White Jasmine Everyday Cooking is filmed in front of a live television audience at Allen Kitchen and Bath on Madison's west side. Come hungry, you will get to taste our food first hand at the event! Below is a list of dates and times for our show. Be sure to visit our virtual store and get your tickets! Click on a show below for details!

March 22nd, 6pm - Moroccan Tilapia
Tilapia spiced and cooked with a Moroccan flair is accompanied with red peppers and tomatoes. Served with couscous infused with green onions, cilantro, Garbanzo beans and Garam Masala this dish is sure to please!

March 23rd, 1pm - Simple and Delicious
Chicken roasted with red peppers, and a cilantro sauce is accompanied with our Tandoori eggplant, basmati rice and divine spices like whole cumin and turmeric. Who said gourmet has to be time elaborate?

May 3rd, 6pm - Flavors of Italy
This menu brings together the flavors of Italy and the Mediterranean in the most interesting and diverse way! Chicken is cooked in a tomato sauce with green onions, shallots and fresh spinach on penne pasta. Served with garlic bread layered with our White Jasmine Tandoori Gouda cheese.

May 17th, 6pm - Harissa Shrimp
Harissa shrimp- succulent shrimp cooked in the traditional North African Harissa sauce, served with exotic Couscous and Rasmalai- a traditional baked ricotta and sugar recipe for that sweet tooth.

May 25th, 1pm - Vegetarian Night
A tribute to our Vegetarian fans featuring Raita, Tandoori aubergines cooked in a yogurt sauce with our White Jasmine Tandoori Masala, and Palak Dal a yellow lentil and fresh spinach dish. All served on the side of Basmati rice with cilantro and green onions. Vegetarian or not, you will fall in love with this menu!

June 7th, 6pm - Cooking in a Tagine
Boneless tender chicken slow cooked with peppers and garbanzo beans in a tomato sauce and served with basmati rice and a red onions and cucumber salad

June 22nd, 1pm - Back to Basics
Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and cooked in a onion and garlic sauce, served with rice with red peppers and green onions with a fresh salad with tomatoes, English cucumber and red onions.

July 12th, 6pm - Let's go Italian
Layered lasagna with ground beef, mushrooms in a fire roaseted tomato sauce and layered with White Jasmine Sajji Gouda and served with a warm garlic and cilantro butter bread.

July 13th, 1pm - Afternoon Tea
What should we serve with tea this afternoon?: Layered bread pudding with homemade custard and topped with chocolate sauce, Garbanzo beans in a fiery tomato sauce topped with cilantro and a light yogurt side sauce.

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